What Parents, Students, and Teachers Are Saying…


Deanna, Parent

“Michele, I want to thank you for your academic coaching services. I have seen an incredible improvement in our daughter’s organization skills since you have been working with her. Thank you for your patience and genuine concern for our child.”

Janet & Steve, Parents

“We can’t say enough about Michele’s work with our son. She immediately recognized his needs and we could see him progress even within the first few sessions. Our son described it this way: “Michele is teaching me how to break down the wall that keeps learning out!” Michele was also helpful to my husband and I, always giving us tips to help our son at home. She’s been an inspiration to our whole family!”

Sameya, Client

“I have an acquired brain injury that made everything I attempted seem like an insurmountable task. That was until I met Michele, and it was her loving encouragement to believe in myself that things started turning around for me. Michele has helped me with strategies for learning and for time management, despite having residual deficits due to my brain injury. She is kind, listens attentively to your needs and more importantly is PATIENT which really sets her apart from other therapists I’ve worked with. Thank you, Michele, for having faith in me.”

Nora, Parent

“I recommend Michele Adamson. We participated in her interactive (time management) course for parents and children. I have used a lot of her time management suggestions, and it certainly opened up my eyes and educated me to executive functioning challenges. She is gentle and kind, and my son thought she was a really good advocate for his needs.”

Mae, Parent

“Michele Adamson was highly recommended to us when we discovered through testing that our son had a reading disability…He was barely reading at the first grade level and not fluently.  The Orton-Gillingham method that Ms. Adamson uses has been successful with our son.  He is reading fluently and comprehends at the third grade level. His self-esteem has been restored.  Ms. Adamson has taught him amazing skills that conventional teaching could not accomplish.”

Sheila & Hingston, Parents

“Our daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and a Reading Comprehension Disorder. In the 12 months that our daughter worked with Ms. Adamson, we observed remarkable growth in her confidence and interest in schoolwork. Previously, our daughter had required frequent and sustained help to complete her homework. Within a few months, our daughter was increasingly able to manage her work on her own. Notably, she was able to undertake reading assignments independently. In addition, our daughter’s grades remained constant (B’s in core subjects) while studying with Ms. Adamson, and more importantly, she was able to maintain these grades on her own. We cannot overemphasize how much of an accomplishment achieving this independence was for our daughter. Equally important, our daughter enjoyed Ms. Adamson. Her kind and gentle nature was comforting to our daughter who approached her sessions with optimism and came home from them confident and at ease. Our daughter is currently a college freshman. She advocates for herself in seeking the support she needs to meet her challenges and is gaining a better understanding of how she learns. She hopes to be a teacher some day. Ms. Adamson will always stand as role model for our daughter of how impeccable professionalism, extensive knowledge, sincerity, and dedication can achieve success in teaching children with challenges. We recommend Michele Adamson wholeheartedly.”

Phyllis, Parent

“Please accept our profound thanks for your outstanding professional services and guidance during the past year for our son…You were instrumental in transforming his life, and we will not be able to thank you enough for all you have done for our son and our family.”

Shari, Parent

“Michele has been working with our daughter for five months.  We observed her self-esteem dramatically improve.  She feels confident about doing homework and completing writing assignments.  Her thoughts are concise and show complex ideas that she was unable to express before Michele worked with her. Thanks Michele!”

Bryson, 12 yrs. old

“Since coming to Ms. Adamson, I have more confidence, and I am better at reading. I even read the instructions for my new games which I used to throw out. Reading instructions makes playing the games a lot easier.”

Carolyn, Parent

“Michele Adamson was a gem in my son’s life, for she helped him overcome his reading difficulties and increase his self-esteem. Her teaching not only helped improve his reading comprehension, but his ability to solve word problems in math significantly improved.  Our son’s reading comprehension test scores went from C’s and D’s in the 2nd quarter to A’s and B’s in the 4th quarter.  Michele always believed in him and continuously encouraged him to strive toward his goals.  He truly enjoyed Michele because she made reading FUN!!” 

Ian, Teacher

“Michele Adamson has worked extremely hard on behalf of my student in the areas of writing and executive functioning strategies. Besides being a great communicator and talented educational therapist, Michele is also able to see the importance of learning the student’s environment on a personal level, allowing her to serve the child authentically in her practice. Thanks, Michele!”

Krista, Parent

“After my first conversation with Michele Adamson, I knew we found someone special who would make a positive difference in our lives.  After one year of Ms. Adamson’s Orton-Gillingham tutoring, my 11-year old dyslexic son has made significant progress in his reading and spelling.  His reading level increased at least 2 grade levels…She is very patient, understanding, supportive, and a great source of information for both my son and I.  We feel very fortunate to have found her.”

Chris, 11 yrs. old

“Before I didn’t like to read that much, but now I do. I feel smart in class, and I am confident reading in front of others. My spelling is much better, and I have fun writing anything. Ms. Adamson is fun and easy to talk to. Thank you, Ms. Adamson.”

Leila, 12 yrs. old

“Ms. Michele helps me to focus on the basics in math and to solve word problems. I feel more positive, and I am more independent in my work. I stopped using my fingers to count!”