What is meant by executive function skills?

Executive function skills are self-management skills that help individuals accomplish their goals. They also play an essential role in academic success. For example, students must be able to sustain focus and attention, prioritize tasks, plan their time, think ahead, break projects into doable steps, organize their environment, track progress, and self-reflect and amend strategies as conditions change.

What is the difference between an educational therapist and a tutor?

An educational therapist has extensive training and experience in learning differences and in developing and implementing individualized intervention plans that address academic difficulties and challenges in the processes involved with learning. A tutor’s background does not usually include training in learning differences. Tutors are generally skilled in specific subject matter and focused on improving grades.

How long does educational therapy take?

Each person has unique needs so the length of time it takes varies based on the goals established by the educational therapist, student and parents.

Can a student continue with academic coaching beyond one semester?

Yes. It takes time and practice for students to become proficient in self-management skills. Frequently, it takes more than one semester of coaching before students feel confident and ready to take off on their own.

What are your fees?

Fees vary depending on the academic coaching package selected. Educational therapy fees also vary based on the student’s individualized plan and services rendered.

More Questions?

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