What Is Academic Life Coaching?

Academic Life Coaching is a process that helps students take action and move forward in positive directions in their lives. Students learn how to work smarter, accomplish personal goals and rock school! Academic coaching is sometimes referred to as executive function coaching.

As an Academic Life Coach, I help individuals reach their true potential by providing moral support, creating structure and accountability, and teaching essential skills based on the needs of each student.

What Are Some Common Goals of Academic Life Coaching?

  • Setting personal goals and reaching them
  • Improving time management skills
  • Identifying and working through obstacles
  • Planning projects and taking action
  • Learning organizational strategies
  • Developing study skills and habits
  • Preparing for tests and reducing anxiety
  • Increasing motivation and minimizing procrastination
  • Enhancing self-advocacy skills
  • Establishing a balance between academic rigor and extracurricular activities
  • Succeeding at school without sacrificing the fun

Essential Brain Skills Coaching Programs

GPS (Goals-Planning-Strategies) Academic Life Coaching™

The GPS Academic Life Coaching™ program is an individualized and empowering approach for high school and college students who are seeking positive solutions to master the stressful demands of school and still have fun. Coaching sessions take place throughout the school semester, one or more times a week, in person or remotely via video conferencing.

In the GPS coaching program, we delve into the common goals listed above and the nuts and bolts of academic life which may include: establishing study routines; managing homework; breaking down complex assignments into doable steps; developing new habits; tracking progress; creating innovative reminder systems; meeting deadlines; preparing for finals; and much more. Students acquire an understanding and appreciation of the importance of self-management and executive function skills for academic and life success.

Seeing My Time®

Seeing My Time® is a time management and executive function skills curriculum. This innovative and brain-based approach is designed for students ages 10 and older as well as for adults. When I work with children and adolescents, at least one parent participates in our sessions. Family support makes such a difference! I also conduct individual and group sessions for adults. We typically meet for nine sessions in person or via video conferencing.

By the end of the curriculum, participants will have a greater understanding of executive functions and brain skills that get things done. They will discover strategies to help with visualizing and planning their time, breaking down projects into small steps, simplifying complicated assignments, managing homework, organizing endless piles of papers and more. This curriculum is interactive, hands-on and filled with invaluable information and concrete tools.