Helping Students Unlock Their True Potential

When students feel successful, they try harder, love what they do and thrive in school. If they struggle too much, they procrastinate, fall behind, dread schoolwork, and never reach their true potential. I help students unlock their true potential and become empowered strategic learners. Students develop their academic and executive function skills essential for success, build self-confidence based on mastery, and discover a love of learning and a respect for their strengths and unique learning styles. I offer both academic life coaching and educational therapy or in combination depending on each student’s needs.

As an Academic Life Coach…

I assist clients who are seeking better solutions to manage schoolwork. I also specialize in the remediation of executive function differences. These differences sometimes show up as constant stress and overwhelm, missed deadlines, lost papers, habitual lateness, procrastination, or poor test performance. Students learn time management, planning and organization skills, creative studying techniques, test-taking strategies, self-advocacy, plus much more. As a result, students are more resilient, independent and empowered to rock school!

As an Educational Therapist…

I specialize in individualized interventions for students who experience learning differences or learning disabilities. Often students encounter challenges in reading, writing, math, spelling, or difficulties with auditory and visual processing. To remediate their learning problems, students are taught methods and approaches that complement their strengths and unique learning styles. Students may go from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful, self-confident and motivated to learn!

Michele S. Adamson, M. Ed.

As an Academic Life Coach and Educational Therapist, I bring the best of both worlds into my practice. To learn more about how I can assist with your needs or your child’s needs, please contact me today for your complimentary consultation.