What is Educational Therapy? 

Educational therapy is intensive individualized intervention for students with learning challenges that may be a result of neurological, cognitive, developmental and language issues.

Educational Therapists apply specialized training in learning disabilities and learning differences and use strategies that teach to the client’s strengths while remediating individual weaknesses. They recognize that emotional, behavioral and learning problems are intertwined.

A vital role of the educational therapist is to serve as case manager, working in collaboration with families, teachers and other professionals involved in the client’s life.

Adapted from the Association of Educational Therapists

The Primary Goal of Educational Therapy

To foster self-confident, independent individuals, who understand their learning profiles, can advocate for themselves and feel positive about their potential as lifelong learners.

My Philosophy

I regard each client as a person who possesses a unique combination of strengths, skills, challenges, interests, affinities and learning styles. I am committed to nurturing every student’s individuality and to recognizing and appreciating his or her gifts.

Educational Therapy Services

  • Educational consultations

  • Intervention plans

  • One-on-one instruction that incorporates a broad range of approaches including research-based instruction

  • On-going progress updates and support

  • Coordination and collaboration with family, teachers and allied professionals